Ann Patchett

ann.gifTuesday's show features Bob's conversation with novelist Ann Patchett.

Guests on The Bob Edwards Show have excelled in a variety of fields: literature, film, music, politics, environmentalism etc.  But no matter how intelligent or talented they are, it's usually somewhat of a gamble when you put them in front of a microphone and ask them to talk about their work. Writers can be of particular concern...after all, these people make a living with their words, and most professional writers plan their compositions meticulously, then they edit, re-write and re-edit over and over again in the privacy of their own home.

Luckily for us, Ann Patchett seemed just as comfortable in our studio as she would jotting down notes in her kitchen.  Ann's conversation with Bob focused on her new novel, Run and her 2001 best-seller Bel Canto but also branched off to her father (an LAPD cop), her mother (Jeanne Raye, whom she inspired to start writing) and her literary heroes (Allan Gurganus & Eudora Welty.)

Ann Patchett, acclaimed author and great talker...Tuesday on The Bob Edwards Show.

-Dan Bloom


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