Overlooked Music of 2007

I first met and worked with Rolling Stone contributing editor Anthony DeCurtis when I was a production assistant at NPR's Morning Edition.  We interviewed him for a piece I produced in 2000 on the renewed interest in the life and music of Nick Drake.  Four years later, I left NPR to reunite with Bob at XM and invited Anthony to do music reviews for us.  It's been a good way to sneak different kinds of music on the show, and Bob and Anthony seem to really enjoy talking with each other.  In 2006, we began a new holiday tradition of looking back at the year's best CDs not previously discussed or covered on the show.  We framed it as a list of perfect last-minute stocking stuffers and received 70 emails from listeners requesting the list.  It's back this year, and thanks to this website, you can find all the CD titles, artists and songs right here.  We've also included mini-essays written by Anthony DeCurtis about how and why he chose these particular artists and songs. You can read those here.

Thanks as always for listening, happy holidays and I hope you enjoy the show.

-Chad Campbell