Our Archive

Attentive listeners likely have determined that we're revisiting some of our earlier programs this week. We do this because the show eats interviews as fast as I can do them. Once in awhile, we have to take a breather and re-run some old programs while building up a supply of new interviews. We've also learned that our newer listeners enjoy hearing the interviews they missed before discovering our show---and our older listeners enjoy hearing early favorites all over again.   I feel the same. I loved hearing Frank McCourt's stories of teaching high school in New York. I cherish the privilege of talking with Richard C. Hottelet, one of the pioneers of broadcast journalism. Jules Feiffer has found multiple outlets for his fertile imagination--cartoons, plays, films and now, children's books. Robert Klein has been making me laugh for decades.  
Next week, somethings old, somethings new, and our long-promised documentary on homeless children which will feature amazing stories you won't want to miss.  I'll have much more to say about that in coming days.