I want to thank those closest to me for being the wonderful human beings they are----and for sustaining me through another year. Empty-nesters like Sharon and me can’t always get the whole family together for the holidays, so I’ve decided to do it through photographs.


Here we are with daughters Eleanor and Susannah in Georgia on the day Susannah got her MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Eleanor lives in Orlando.


That’s my stepson Brean Campbell on the left, next to Susannah, who is searching her camera for a flattering shot of herself. On the right is my granddaughter Jerdahn Campbell doing something strange to her eye.


This is a much better shot of Jerdahn and her mother, Anna. Brean, Anna and Jerdahn live in Houston.


So there they are. I love them all dearly. Maybe we can all find our way into single photograph in 2008.