Our documentary to be heard on PRI

Those of you who missed our special one-hour program on homeless children may get another chance to hear it this weekend on your local public radio station. "The Invisible----Children without Homes" is being offered this week on Bob Edwards Weekend, a Public Radio International (PRI) program carried by 92 stations across the country. In addition, PRI is offering the program free of charge to ALL of its hundreds of public radio stations--so contact your local station to learn what time you can hear it. After this weekend, you can have it for free as an XM podcast. We want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to hear about these kids.
After "The Invisible" ran on XMPR on December 27th, we were contacted by the National Network for Youth and told we'd be honored at a Champions for Youth Homelessness luncheon later this month. Ariana Pekary, who worked so hard to produce the documentary, will represent us at the luncheon. (Producers Geoffrey Redick and Dan Bloom shared the recording duties for the program.) We also heard from professionals who work with troubled young people. They said our interviews reflected the experiences they'd had on the job---and they thanked us for doing the program.
"The Invisible" includes grim stories of hunger, disease, drugs, prostitution, sex slavery, theft, and quite a bit of physical abuse---stories that will break your heart. But the program also includes the fabulous stories of several young people who have endured all of the above and triumphed over the longest odds to be self-sustaining, college-educated, young adults.  Another is still homeless and living in a shelter---an extremely bright, vivacious, African-American high school senior who slept in a public park and studied by streetlight for her four Advanced Placement courses. Her name is Zanoni Bishop, and I'll be very disappointed if college administrators don't call me with scholarship offers for her. 
I used to think homeless teenagers were runaways looking for adventure. Now I know that most are forced from their homes by circumstances or by abusive adults.  And they don't want adventure; they want love. Listen to their stories this weekend on Bob Edwards Weekend on PRI.