Uncounted on Bob Edwards Weekend

DVD%20Cover.JPG'Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections' is a powerful documentary by filmmaker David Earnhardt.  It exposes many of the ways that American votes are mishandled, manipulated or just plain erased.  Earnhardt says that audiences who view 'Uncounted' get angry and want to take action, and the film gives them plenty of suggestions of how everyday citizens can stand up and work for fair elections.

As Americans are inundated with election coverage, its important to remember that the end result of all the campaigning is the vote, and as 'Uncounted' reveals, our votes are far from secure.  An informed and energized public can go a long way to improving the accountability of American elections, and 'Uncounted' shows us how, as citizens, we can do our part.

-Dan Bloom

Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections official website

The west coast premiere of 'Uncounted' is Tuesday, January 15 in Sacramento, California at the Crest Theater

David Earnhardt will conduct a Q&A with the audience after the film.  He will also accompany the film at the following screenings:

Oakland, California on Thursday, January 15 at Grand Lake Theater

Minneapolis, Minnesota on Wednesday, January 30 at Rivierview Theater

Denver, Colorado on Thursday, January 31 at Starz Film Center

Nashville, Tennessee on Monday, February 4 at Belcourt Theatre

Searchable list of all 'Uncounted' screenings