"As We Forgive" on Wednesday's Show

During the Rwandan genocide in 1994, Rosaria's sister, husband and four small children were hacked to death with machetes by Saveri, a neighbor she had known her entire life.  Saveri was imprisoned for his crimes, but because of the overwhelming backlog in Rwandan courts, the government has recently turned to a new tactic: reconciliation.  Saveri is one of thousands of Rwandans involved in the genocide who is now returning to his village to face his neighbors, including the surviving family members of the people he murdered.  "As We Forgive" is the name of a documentary that tells the stories of survivors like Rosaria as they prepare to face the men who slaughtered their families and test whether reconciliation can really work. Laura Waters Hinson is the film's director. 

More information on the "As We Forgive" can be found here.