James Taylor

Songs like “Sweet Baby James” and “Fire and Rain” peppered my childhood and I have to say that the sweet sounds of James Taylor’s voice have always drawn me in and captured me. In fact his Sweet Baby James album was one of the first that I bought on vinyl. So when I had the chance to book Taylor for the show, I didn't hesitate. As I learned more about the opportunity I got even more excited about the fact that this was Taylor’s first album completely of covers. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Taylor’s song writing. In fact some of his best recordings are his own songs but his covers strong too. The way James Taylor transformed “How Sweet It Is” and “You’ve Got a Friend” made them some of my favorite songs. So when I saw the list of songs that Taylor was recording for this new album titled "Covers" - I was ecstatic. It draws from a wide range of genres and includes songs originally recorded by artists like Buddy Holly, The Temptations, The Drifters and the Dixie Chicks.  Taylor does them all justice and I have to say that this album is among James Taylor's best work.