This Weekend: Jim Dickinson

It's a shame that the Dickinson family is not as well known as other musical broods like the Partridges or the Spears. Jim and his sons Luther and Cody are the real deal. The embodiment of the bridge from boogie woogie and the blues to rock 'n' roll. And, they can play like hell. Jim has been in the music business for 50 years, working in the Memphis area and Los Angeles.  He's a producer and piano player. Luther and Cody are founding members of the band North Mississippi Allstars, which has earned multiple Grammy nominations. 

It was an honor to spend some time with Jim Dickinson at his home studio in northwest Mississippi. At one point in his conversation with Bob, Jim said he firmly believes he can affect music just by his physical presence. I think he's probably right. There's something formidable about the man. And he's a great story teller. I hope you enjoy hearing about his sessions with The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan, as well as his jug band record, You'll Do It All The Time, which came out the same week The Beatles played Ed Sullivan for the first time. 

-Geoffrey Redick

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