Christo and Jeanne Claude

Upon meeting Jeanne Claude and Christo there are a few things that you can’t miss. The first is Jeanne Claude’s fire engine red hair that can be seen from blocks away. The next thing you notice is the passion that they still have for each other after being together since 1958. They still hold hands while walking and finish each other's sentences. Their complete dedication to each other and their art is totally evident.

Their works of arts have been met with controversy over the years but you would not be able to tell from the excitement in their voices when they describe each one of them. Christo and Jeanne Claude are two of the most inspirational artists of the modern era and their works of installation art have been some of the most memorable in American consciousness. “The Gates” and “The Umbrellas” are two works that I distinctly remember; in fact, as a little girl I remember being so excited to go and see “The Umbrellas." The yellow umbrellas that were dotting the countryside were utterly beautiful and I totally understand what they mean when they said that having over a thousand umbrellas all up at the same time is the true work of art. Thinking of that project makes me so excited for “Over the River,” their next project which is the focus of an exhibition at the Phillips Collection in Washington DC. It features maps, drawings and photos from their preparation. It runs until January 25th, 2009

For more information about that exhibit please visit the Phillips Collection website. For more information about the artists check out their website.  Finally, here is a video  that the artists made about the exhibit at the Phillips Collection. 


-Taylor Barnes