This Weekend

Bob Edwards Weekend December 27-28, 2008


  • Gary Myers is a former Navy JAG officer and now an attorney who works to protect the civil rights of US troops and veterans. Bob talks with Myers about his experience working on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder cases and how PTSD affects troops in all of our military branches.


  • The Iranian-born photographer Reza has spent his professional life viewing the beauty of humanity and the horror of war through his camera lens. These days, he takes pictures for National Geographic. A retrospective of Reza's career has recently been published in the form of a stunning new book titled War and Peace.



  • Bob spends the hour with one of public radio's favorite personalities. In 1971, Susan Stamberg was a writer and producer on the original staff of NPR's All Things Considered. A year later, Stamberg started hosting and became the first woman in the US to anchor a nightly news program. Bob talks with Stamberg about her experience as a radio pioneer, what she feels makes a great interview and the true story behind her mother-in-law's Thanksgiving cranberry relish.