Daschle and Health Care

daschle.jpgMost politicians and dignitaries arrive for their interviews with an entourage of staff and support personnel and I assumed Tom Daschle would be no different. So it was rather refreshing to see the former leader of the Senate Democrats show up solo and unassuming. Maybe that’s how he’s always operated; maybe there just wasn’t a need for publicists and note takers. Either way, I was taken a little aback.

Daschle’s been making his rounds commenting on the Presidential candidates but he hasn’t been sharing his thoughts about healthcare like he did in the interview with Bob. It’s astonishing to me – of all the healthcare-related interviews we’ve had on the show, I still feel like I learn something with each new one. Daschle’s is no different.

He’s blogged about the healthcare problem on the Huffington Post.

-Ariana Pekary