mary%20roach.jpg Shh, don't tell anyone but on this weekend's Bob Edwards Weekend, we talk about s-e-x. I was a little bit shy about interviewing Mary Roach about her book, Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex. I was a little nervous throughout the interview. And after. But I think that's precisely one of the big reasons we needed to talk to her. This isn't a dirty-minded interview. It's an educated discussion about the history of sex research that is full of facts about the human body. Unfortunately here in the United States (I think more so than other countries like in Europe), we are too private about our sexual lives but it's a critical element in relationships and marriages (I have a personal anecdote about my family, but I'll spare you all those details). So in the end, I hope we don't offend anyone with this interview, but in some ways I think it's ok if we did (just a little). We all need to be a little more comfortable talking about sex -- just like Salt N Pepa advised in the early 90s.

Saving the best for is the link to the video of Mary Roach's sex ultrasound:

- Ariana Pekary