Democracy Now!


The lifeblood of a functioning democracy is information. Knowledge of important issues and understanding of candidates' records are the necessary currency for citizens to make reasoned choices in the voting booth. That is why the diversity of voices in media is vitally important to our society.

The most popular sources of media in the United States are owned by corporations, including The Bob Edwards Show. To be sure, the corporate media do report on many important stories to which the public should pay attention, but there are many topics that go ignored by the mainstream is by operating within this news void that independent and online journalism become so important.

Amy Goodman is the host and executive producer of Democracy Now! the foremost daily independent news program in the United States. Democracy Now! is a pioneering force, both in alternative, grassroots reporting and in news distribution. DN! is seen and heard on hundreds of television and radio stations worldwide and they offer the program on their website: in audio and visual formats, free of charge.

Amy Goodman is also an author. She has co-written three books with her brother, investigative reporter David Goodman. Their latest book is titled: Standing Up to the Madness, Ordinary Heroes in Extraordinary Times. It's about everyday citizens taking action against certain decisions and policies of the U.S. government to which they are opposed.

Her reporting is compelling, her courage is admirable and her commitment to justice is fierce and unrelenting. The words and thoughts of Amy Goodman on Bob Edwards Weekend.

- Dan Bloom

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