jewel%20cd%20cover.jpgJewel Kilcher is more than a pretty face with a pretty voice, she also has a compelling backstory.  Jewel was raised in the wilds of Alaska and grew up in a cabin with no plumbing or electricity.  At the height of the grunge music movement and the cynicism of the mid-1990s, she was a quiet folk singer writing simple, honest lyrics.  She spent a year living out of her car and was eventually "discovered" playing in a coffee shop.  Her debut album sold more than 12 million copies.  Jewel has returned to her musical roots for her latest CD.  "Perfectly Clear" sounds more country than pop and reflects her rural Alaskan upbringing.  Jewel is also affiliated with two personal causes, providing access to clean drinking water in the developing world and helping homeless youth in America.

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