The Ahn Trio on Bob Edwards Weekend

ahn%20trio%20cd%20cover.jpgWe tend to stick to interviews of country, folk and Americana musical acts on this program, but we were blown away by the Ahn Trio's talent, charm, wit and beauty and are so glad we decided to interview them in our performance studio.  They played two songs for us -- "Song on the Land" and "My Funny Valentine" from their latest CD "Lullaby for My Favorite Insomniac."  Click here for a link to the Ahn Trio's entertaining and informative website, which includes their bio, tour dates and a photo gallery.

And in case you're wondering why Bob was able to thank the sisters in their native language at the end of the interview, it turns out he picked up a little Korean while stationed there in 1971.  When Bob was in his mid-20s, he served as an Army news anchorman on American Forces Korean Network (AFKN) in Seoul.