James McMurtry


There's a war on, but you wouldn't necessarily know it by listening to the radio. Most musicians that find their singles on the Billboard charts stay firmly planted on the sidelines of political expression and protest. Luckily for his fans and admirers, James McMurtry is one artist who's willing to express himself honestly on the important issues of the day. Even though he's vocal with his opinions, McMurtry is careful to write complete songs rather than sermons.

James McMurtry's lyrics are interesting and engaging, and that's no surprise considering his literary pedigree. James' father is the novelist and writer Larry McMurtry, author of Lonesome Dove and Terms of Endearment.

Most artists cut albums to make a buck and because they love the music. James McMurtry wouldn't turn down the cash, and he certainly loves the music, but you get something extra from a James McMurtry Album: a little truth to go with your toe tappin', and ideas to consider...if you're the thoughtful type.

-Dan Bloom

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