The Maestro


Maybe we’re making too much of this zonkey, especially considering Lorin Maazel and the young artists he works with on his farm in Castletson, Virginia are infinitely more interesting. But, here’s a photo of the famous zonkey, whose name is Zonkey.  Presumably, those are his parents.


When Cristy, Geoffrey, Bob and I headed out to Castleton for this interview, we didn’t know exactly what we were in for. Naturally, we got lost, and made it to the chicken-coop-turned-state-of-the-art-theater just as the final dress rehearsal for "The Beggar’s Opera" was beginning.  It really did feel like we were INSIDE of the opera.  Even if you are not a fan, seeing it up close like that – to the point where you can see the sweat on the soprano’s brow and watch the tenor’s larynx in overdrive – makes you appreciate the art form.  The performances are not widely publicized. The Beggar’s Opera has come and gone and the young artists have all packed up and left opera camp. The next show is not scheduled yet, but watch their website for updates.