This Weekend--Vivian Cherry

When photographer Vivian Cherry first started taking pictures back in the 1940s, little did she realize that she would still be at it some 60 years later.  Her goal to be an invisible documenter of her home town is evident as you look at the spontaneity of her subjects.  Some of her finest early work was of the children who used to play in New York’s streets and sidewalks.  These days, Cherry said that she doesn’t often have the opportunity to photograph children because they so rarely play outside any more.


The above photo was part of a photo essay Cherry did called The 14 Days of Antoinette.  She photographed a little girl named Antoinette who left home for the first time to attended a public sponsored summer camp. 


Cherry loved to ride the Third Avenue El train, and commented during the interview that it offered one of the best views of the city. She shot two photo essays of it, Riding the Third Avenue El and Tearing Down the Third Avenue El, both done in the early 1950s.


--Cristy Meiners