Paper Angels

 Paper Angels  is a small film in just about every way: filmed with two actors, produced and directed by two newly graduated film students, and running at only 25 minutes long there is nothing big about it.  But the story and perhaps even more than that, the messages found in the story are weighty.  Artists of all kinds have used their mediums to express what they felt and experienced following the attacks of September 11th and when Bob O'Reilly and A.J. Ingoglia decided to make their first film, they found that the time was a natural place for them to turn. Both were high school students on Long Island when the two planes hit the Twin Towers, and what was horrifying news to many Americans was personal tragedy for their community. 

But still, Paper Angels isn’t really about what happened on September 11 th; for me, it was a story about each of us paying attention to people we could easily sidestep.  Not getting involved is a far easier thing to do than choosing to be a part of someone else’s problems, even if our involvement could offer a little solace.  I am always amazed by what thoughtful strangers can do to help each other by just making the smallest effort.  Hum… there’s that word again.  I guess that when it comes to kindness, what is  small  to one may be enormous to someone else.  

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- Cristy Meiners