What I Did On My Summer Vacation

You clever listeners no doubt figured out that I was away for the whole month of August.  It was the first vacation I've had since I joined XM in August of 2004.  It was not quite a real vacation, however, as I never left my house. I used the time to finish off a memoir that I've titled A Voice in the Box, which is what I longed to be as a wee boy and eventually became.  I've sent the manuscript off to an agent and maybe it will be a book someday.  Ideally, memoirs should be written by old people--and that certainly excludes me, right?  Hah!   I'm sorry to say that my little project got a new sense of urgency with the deaths of my journalistic colleagues Tim Russert and Tony Snow, both of whom were younger than my 61 years.   Both of those guys planned on being around much longer and didn't make it.   We don't know what fates await us, so I decided I'd better get my story out there while I still could.  Just for the record, my health is fine, but the Supreme Court has killed Washington, DC's ban on guns, so who knows what risks I take going to work there everyday. 

In my absence we gave you our very best of the program's first four years and I loved re-hearing Stewart Udall and Greg Boyle and Stetson Kennedy, and the award-winning  documentaries.  This week, we went back to original programming and took you to Mississippi with swamp-rocker Jim Dickinson and then to New York's upper west side with 101-year-old Ruth Smith, champion of women's rights for all of her long life.  Next, a session with the incomparable guitar virtuoso Stanley Jordan and we closed out the week with a wonderfully endearing African-American couple from New Orleans' 9th ward who made home movies of their survival of Hurricane Katrina.  Just like New Orleans, The Bob Edwards Show serves up a wonderful gumbo of stories.  And there are many more wonderful tales to come.  Thanks for being there to share them with us.