Boz Scaggs

He was born William Royce Scaggs and tells Bob exactly how he became known as Boz.  Scaggs started at a new school in his early teens and a kid asked  if he was Bosley Scaggs from Bosley, North Carolina.  Thinking it was a gag, Scaggs went along with it and said "yep, that's me. I'm Bosley Scaggs." By the time he tried to correct the misunderstanding, the name had stuck. The more Scaggs tried to deny it, the stronger the connection became. From that point on, he was known as Bosley or Boswell or simply Boz. He met Steve Miller in high school, played with him in various bands and then joined THE Steve Miller Band on their first two albums. Then Scags had an up and down solo career before taking six months off from the business. He tells Bob how that six months with his family turned into a year. Then another year passed. Scaggs was essentially out of the music business for about seven years before new projects sparked his curiosity. Now he's into singing "standards." Back in 2003 he released But Beautiful, Standards: Volume 1. His latest CD of re-interpreted standards is called Speak Low.

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In 1988, Scaggs opened a live music nightclub in his adopted hometown of San Francisco. Click here for a link to Slim's.

And here's a link to Scaggs Vineyards.