Dan Gediman, Lionel Barrymore and This I Believe

Each week Bob is joined by Dan Gediman, the Executive Director of This I Believe, Inc. to discuss one of the original essays from the 1950s radio series. This week’s featured essay is by stage, film and radio actor Lionel Barrymore. He appeared in more than 200 movies, including a starring role as Mr. Potter in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Barrymore was also an accomplished author, composer, artist and director. In his essay from the 1950s, the Oscar-winner says he believes that the secret to living a full and happy life is much like preparing for an acting role: It requires borrowing from the past, adapting to the present, being creative about the future, and setting a series of attainable goals. Click here to read a transcript and to hear the audio of Lionel Barrymore’s “This I Believe” essay.