Tuesday's Show

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 

Before penning some of country and folk music’s most famous songs (Me & Bobby McGee, Help Me Make it Through the Night), Kris Kristofferson was sweeping floors at a Nashville recording studio trying to get noticed.  When that didn’t work, he landed a helicopter on Johnny Cash’s lawn. Cash responded by buying Kristofferson’s tune, Sunday Morning Coming Down. Soon, the former Rhodes Scholar was not just a respected song-writer but a performer in his own right. Bob talks with the now 73-year-old singer-songwriter about his new music, his old music and his acting career. Kristofferson’s newest album is called Closer to the Bone. Then, Carly Simon is the first person and the only woman to have won a Golden Globe, an Oscar and a Grammy for writing, composing and performing the same song. “Let the River Run” is one of the 12 hits Simon reinvents on her new album, Never Been Gone.