The Birth of Cornelius

Corneille (pronounced "kor-NAY") is a new Motown recording artist, but he's got a background unlike any other on the iconic label. Not only does he have NO connection to Detroit, he has no ties to the US. Corneille is a young R&B artist who was born in Germany, raised in Rwanda, now holds Canadian citizenship, and sings in English and French. His sound has been compared to Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Sam Cooke. And although he has sold millions of records in both France and Canada, Corneille is relatively unknown here. His latest CD is called The Birth of Cornelius. And if the music doesn't move people, the back-story will: Corneille's parents and many members of his extended family were killed in the Rwandan genocide in 1994. He escaped to Germany and eventually found his way to Quebec and back into music. By the way, Cornelius is his given name, but when his parents moved back to Rwanda, the seven-year-old was acutely aware of trying to fit in with his new schoolmates and his name did not help. So Cornelius shortened his name to fit with his friends' Francophone nicknames.

Here is the video for Corneille's new song "Too Much of Everything." Bob called it "the most intimate thing" he's ever seen and yes, that is Corneille's wife of three years, Sofia.