How The World Makes Love

Franz and Kurt WisnerFranz Wisner was first on The Bob Edwards Show way back in 2005 for his book Honeymoon with my Brother. (That was before we had a weekend show or even this website). That book was all about the choices he made after his would-be bride decided not to show up for their wedding. Wisner and his 75 guests decided to make the best of it and enjoy the setting and the food and the wine that had already been delivered. But what to do about the non-refundable two-week honeymoon trip to Costa Rica? Wisner decided to invite his younger brother Kurt. They had such a good time that they decided to extend the the” honeymoon” visiting 52 countries over the next two years. But when it was over, Franz was still single. The Wisner brothers settled in Los Angeles and tried and humorously failed at the dating scene, before Franz pitched an idea for a new book to his publisher. The result is How the World Makes Love…and What It Taught a Jilted Groom. The brothers traveled to 7 foreign countries, some new and some old stomping grounds for them, to examine and report on the local customs and practices pertaining to love and sex. Sounds too good to be true, but by this time Franz had met someone back home and their relationship blossomed over email during the brothers latest globetrotting adventure. Franz is now happily married to actress Tracy Middendorf. Little brother Kurt is still single and shares his LA-area house with two dogs.


(P.S. For the sake of full disclosure, the Wisners grew up in Davis, California going to school with and playing sports with my wife Elissa and her siblings.)