Thursday Show Update


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pakistan “has more terrorists per square mile than anyplace else on earth, and it has a nuclear weapons program that is growing faster than any place else on earth.” The quote is from Bruce Riedel, one of the authors of President Obama’s review of Afghanistan-Pakistan strategy. Recent satellite photographs show two new plutonium reactors less than 100 miles from where Pakistani forces are currently fighting the Taliban. Nicholas Schmidle has spent the past two years living in and reporting from Pakistan. He’ll talk to Bob about the rapidly changing headlines coming out of Pakistan. Then, for her newest album, Neko Case trolled craigslist for free pianos and assembled a “piano orchestra.” The music makes a nice backdrop for Case’s spellbinding voice. Middle Cyclone debuted at #3 on the Billboard chart and is still holding steady on the indy charts. Case went on world tour, took a break and now heads back out for round two starting May 28 in Albuquerque.