Official Presidential Pictures

I hate to be cliché, but some photos really are worth a thousand words. As fun as it is to listen to the photographers discuss the process of shooting the inauguration of President Barack Obama, you just HAVE to see the photos to get the full meaning. If you’re able to get to DC to see the exhibit, look here for information about the museum. It’s open until July 12th.

For the rest of you who can’t make it to DC between now and July, the book is a great way to remember the historic event. Plus, it contains many photos that are not included in the museum exhibit.

To preview the photos on the official web site, click here

To get to the amateur photos that were presented in the museum exhibit, go to photobucket’s official site here. 

And for the rest of you who want to track the Presidents activities on a daily basis, you may want to know about this White House-sponsored Flickr page.