Bob Edwards Weekend Highlights – June 13-14, 2009



In the tradition of the 1973 classic book The Boys on the Bus, journalist Eric Boehlert offers Bloggers on the Bus: How the Internet Changed Politics and the Press. Boehlert uses the 2008 presidential race to show how bloggers influenced voters, the candidates and their campaigns.

The new film Food, Inc. presents an enlightening and sometimes disturbing view of the American food system. Director Robert Kenner and food activist/producer Michael Pollan join Bob to talk about their new film and to discuss some of the problems and solutions for modern food.

In this week’s installment of our ongoing series This I Believe, Bob talks with executive director Dan Gediman about the essay from Walter White. He was executive secretary of the NAACP from 1931 to 1955. As a writer and activist, White lobbied for federal anti-lynching laws and the desegregation of the United States armed forces. Although fair-skinned with blond hair and blue eyes, White considered himself an African-American.



Director Stephan Elliott talks with Bob about adapting playwright Noel Coward’s classic Easy Virtue for the big screen. This comedy of manners has a glamorous American woman (Jessica Biel) disrupting the quiet world of her new husband’s prim British family. Kristin Scott Thomas and Colin Firth co-star.

Jorma Kaukonen is one of the most accomplished guitar players in America. His intricate fingerstyle melodies are well known to fans that have followed his career from The Jefferson Airplane to Hot Tuna to solo work. Kaukonen joins Bob in our performance studio to play a few tunes and to talk about his latest CD, River of Time.