Melody’s Lessons



About five years ago, Melody Gardot was badly injured when a SUV slammed into her on her bicycle. She lost the ability to walk and talk so a doctor decided to try music therapy as a way to improve her cognitive skills. That helped her recover physically and established a budding music career at the same time. XM’s The Loft discovered her after the release of her first studio album, Worrisome Heart. And that’s how producer Larry Klein discovered her, resulting in album number two, My One and Only Thrill.  She requires dark sunglasses at all times because light still hurts her eyes, and she carries a cane due to the skeletal injuries she suffered. Lucky for listeners, she charges on in spite of the obstacles in her life. Some have compared her to Diana Krall; others call her a “modern day Peggy Lee.” She denies those comparisons. You can decide for yourself, either by listening to the interview, or by visiting her web site.

The video of her title song, “My One and Only Thrill,” is also worth a watch.