Edelman's Evolution

Judith Edelman does not stand pat, neither in her music nor in her life. Awareness is key; she has actively identified paths to her own happiness and pursued them vigorously.

People of every occupation get caught in the trap of complacency, musicians are just more famous for it: find your niche, stick with what works, put out the same basic material over and over. This is not the way Edelman works.

Her seemingly disparate interests combine on Edelman’s new album, Clear Glass Jar. You can hear the classical background in her playing, her writing prowess is there in the lyrics, and it’s no coincidence that she sings with a lot more scientific jargon than normal. Did I mention her father is a Nobel prize winning scientist?

Judith Edelman’s music is emotional and accessible, her voice is inviting and vulnerable…you can tell just by listening that there is more to the story. Meet Judith Edelman and hear her music, Wednesday on The Bob Edwards Show.


-Dan Bloom