Wednesday's Show

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We talk with David Broder of the Washington Post about the life of Senator Ted Kennedy who died early this morning from brain cancer at the age of 77.  And then, North Korea is in the news almost daily, but one consistently overlooked story concerns the existence of North Korean gulags. Recently published testimony from survivors and former guards who fled the country detail the horrific conditions at the labor camps: 12- to 15-hour days of hard labor, malnutrition, death by age 50. No outsiders have ever visited the camps, but Blaine Harden has been studying high-resolution satellite photographs and talking with survivors and former guards. Blaine recently wrote a lengthy article about the North Korean prison camps for the Washington Post. Then, singer-songwriter Noëlle Hampton career kicked off when she won the highly competitive Lilith Fair Talent Search in 1998 and ended up performing at the event along with Sarah McLachlan, Natalie Merchant, The Indigo Girls and so many more. She then got the opportunity to open for many national acts including Bob Dylan. In conjunction with her husband and musical partner, André Moran, Noelle has co-produced and released an EP and two full length albums on her own. Their independent release, “Under These Skies,” sold thousands of copies. She now joins Bob to talk about her new CD, “Thin Line.”