Spacey on the Radio

by Ariana Pekary, producer

Bob, producer Ariana Pekary and Kevin SpaceyKevin Spacey is probably best known for his roles on film: “Verbal” Kint in The Usual Suspects, Lester Burnham in American Beauty, and now, Jack Abramoff in Casino Jack.   But he got his start on the stage in theater.  After attending Julliard for two years, he embarked on his acting career, his first performance was Henry VI in the New York Shakespeare Festival in 1981.  Now, sitting in the studio control room, watching his interview with Bob, it became abundantly clear that he thrives off of having a live audience.  Numerous times throughout the interview, he swiveled around in his chair to see if what he had just said had stirred a reaction from our crew watching.  Of course, the studio is soundproof, so he couldn’t hear our reactions (most often laughter) to his comments and answers.  My personal favorite moment in the interview is when he describes his favorite sound when performing on stage (you have to listen to the interview to find out what that is).  I assume Bob’s favorite moment from the interview was the impersonation of Katherine Hepburn (which, yes, is a close second on my scorecard).