Justin Townes Earle

by Dan Bloom, producer

Justin Townes EarleNick Hornby is a successful novelist, a great talker, and he also has fantastic taste in music. During our most recent interview with him, Hornby asked if Bob had ever heard of a talented new artist: Justin Townes Earle. Bob replied that he’d been a longtime fan of Justin’s dad Steve, but he was not familiar with the younger Earle. Based on Hornby’s recommendation, Bob claimed that we would book him on the show “tomorrow.”

We didn’t even wait that long. Later that very day, we reached out to Justin Townes Earle’s record company and we were blown away by the quality of his work. Earle’s music is accessible and familiar, but the simplicity of his songs belies their depth. Early in life, Justin confronted some of the same demons that plagued his father, but he made it to the other side as a stronger person ready to begin telling his own story.

Justin Townes Earle’s latest album is called Midnight at the Movies, it’s released by Bloodshot Records.

Justin Townes Earle’s MySpace page.

He’ll be touring quite a lot in 2010, visit this page for a full list of tour dates.