Preserving Preservation Hall

by Ariana Pekary, producer

This month, New Orleans celebrated a historic win at the Super Bowl in addition to their annual tradition of Mardi Gras, of course; so it seemed a fitting time to hear from Ben Jaffe. 

He’s the son of Allan and Sandra Jaffe who founded Preservation Hall in the French Quarter, for the sole purpose of protecting and honoring New Orleans Jazz. Ben now directs the Preservation Hall Jazz Band which tours when they aren’t entertaining audiences in their home space. I don’t recall if I’ve actually been to Preservation Hall before or not (I blame other aspects of their local culture for my lack of memory), but I’ll be sure to go the next time I’m in New Orleans. We can all be thankful they’re working to keep this music alive. The band’s latest CD is called Preservation and it brings together the distinctive voices of Tom Waits, Louis Armstrong, Angelique Kidjo, and more.  Do yourself a favor and take a listen:

For more information about Preservation Hall and to see more photos of the band, click here.