Suzi Ragsdale

by Chad Campbell, Senior Producer

Bob conducted this interview a month ago, and ever since I volunteered to produce it he’s been asking how I like Suzi’s music. Bob has become a big fan and once I finally started mixing the songs together with their conversation, I also began to appreciate her talent. The songs really are good. Her latest CD is actually a double album. The project and disc one are both called Best Regards. It contains six new songs. Disc two features two new songs and four older songs and is titled Less of the Same. Suzi Ragsdale is the daughter of music icon Ray Stevens, who is known for novelty songs like Ahab the Arab, The Streak and Guitarzan. He’s also the guy who put fiddles and a banjo on his arrangement of “Misty” and won a Grammy for it. A five-year-old Suzi got her start in professional music as part of the children’s chorus on her dad’s feel good song “Everything is Beautiful” and today he is her music publisher. Despite her early start in music and family connections, Suzi was actually a late bloomer and took the slow road to the front of the big stage, singing on demos and playing with and behind other artists first. Now she is emerging as a unique artist on stage and in the recording studio. She also spends a lot of time in the kitchen and in the yoga studio.

Sing for your Supper- Valentine’s Brunch from Suzi Ragsdale on Vimeo.


Find Suzi’s recipe for grilled pork tenderloin in this link.

And if you ever need to feed 70 people, try her recipe for Silver Moon Chili.

Suzi Ragsdale is also WAY into yoga, as evidenced by this picture. She says she’d like to arrange a tour of posh spas around the country combining a yoga class, homemade dinner and a musical performance. Sounds perfect for her.