Dan Gediman, Albert Nesbitt and This I Believe

Each week Bob is joined by Dan Gediman, the Executive Director of This I Believe, Inc. to discuss one of the original essays from the 1950s radio series. This week’s featured essay is by Albert Nesbitt, who was president of the John J. Nesbitt Company, which manufactured heating and ventilating units. Among his many civic activities, Nesbitt served as the president of the Philadelphia YMCA and the Philadelphia Council of Churches. Despite being a successful executive, Albert Nesbitt realized one day his life was empty. After some soul searching, he decided to return to the Christian principles on which he was raised. Nesbitt believes having religion is best when one actively practices it. Click here to read a transcript and hear the audio of his “This I Believe” essay.

And here’s a link to purchase the latest collection of the original 1950’s essays, edited by Dan Gediman.

Edward R. Murrow’s This I Believe