Dan Gediman, Alexander Forbes and This I Believe

Each week Bob is joined by Dan Gediman, the Executive Director of This I Believe, Inc. to discuss one of the original essays from the 1950s radio series. This week’s featured essay is by Dr. Alexander Forbes. He was a pioneer in the field of neurophysiology who graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1910 and devoted himself to research on the human nervous system. Forbes served as a professor emeritus of physiology at Harvard for many years. Forbes sees the march of evolution through time, and he acknowledges the work of a higher power in the process. Forbes believes it’s a force that can inspire humans toward greater cooperation and mutual respect. Click here to read a transcript and listen to the audio of his “This I Believe” essay.

And here’s a link to purchase the latest collection of the original 1950’s essays, edited by Dan Gediman.

Edward R. Murrow’s This I Believe