With a Name Like Joe Pug...

by Chad Campbell, senior producer

We’ve been bringing you loads of new music lately and the next artist Bob wants to highlight is a 25-year-old singer-songwriter named Joe Pug. His actual last name is the very Italian Pugliese, but “Pug” was always his nickname growing up, and he figured that would look nicer on the marquee. At one point, Pug wanted that name to appear on a different kind of marquee - next to the titles of his plays. He went to UNC-Chapel Hill to study theater and to become a playwright, but dropped out to pursue music and moved to Chicago the day before his senior year started. He worked as a caprenter by day and recorded songs that would become his debut EP Nation of Heat whenever a friend’s studio was available. Now Pug has released a new batch of songs on his full-length debut titled Messenger.

Click here to take Joe up on his offer of a free sample of his music.

And just in case you were wondering, the documentary on Townes van Zandt mentioned by Joe and Bob is called Be Here to Love Me.