The Inlets Session

by Dan Bloom

My favorite bookings for this show are those which spring from experiences in my normal life. At home one day, I was perusing The Hype Machine, one of the best websites for discovering new music. I spotted the song “Bright Orange Air” by a group I’d never heard of, “Inlets.” Within the first fifteen seconds of the song, I knew it was a gem and that I should try to book them for The Bob Edwards Show.

It turns out Inlets is a loose collective of musicians and contributors all orbiting one man: Sebastian Krueger. We love to get to new artists before the rest of the world finds out about them, and Krueger is just such a case. He’s involved in the tight-knit community of musicians based in Brooklyn, New York where he linked up with “My Brightest Diamond,” the project of multi-instrumentalist Shara Worden. Now Krueger is emerging from the background to share his own brand of cerebral folky tunes with the world.

He released a highly acclaimed EP in 2006 called “Vestibule.” It’s available for a free download here, via the Internet Archive.

Inlets is preparing to release their debut full-legnth album called “Inter-Arbiter.” It’s due out on April 20 from Two Syllable Records. Inlets’ music is infectious and Kreuger’s style is understated and humble. When you hear his music, you’ll understand why the buzz for this emerging artist is growing by the day.

The band has just released a new video for their lead single: Bright Orange Air, directed by brothers Benjamin and Stefan Ramirez Perez.

Also, you can check out Sebastian Krueger performing outdoors with Marla Hansen on the fantastic website, La Blogothèque (an absolute must-visit if you haven’t before.),3324

Inlets official website

Link to Inlets’ MySpace page