Dan Gediman, Wallace Stegner and This I Believe

Each week Bob is joined by Dan Gediman, the Executive Director of This I Believe, Inc. to discuss one of the original essays from the 1950s radio series. This week’s featured essay is by author and educator Wallace Stegner who wrote over 30 novels, collections of short stories and essays, and historical works. “The Big Rock Candy Mountain” was among his most popular novels, and “Angle of Repose” won the 1972 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Stegner wrote about the American West, which he also fought to protect. In assessing his own beliefs, Stegner admits he finds nothing terribly inspirational. But he does value Christian virtues and discipline, and he hopes he can fulfill the responsibilities that come with being an American. Click here to read a transcript and to listen to the audio of Wallace Stegner’s “This I Believe” essay.

And here’s a link to purchase the latest collection of the original 1950’s essays, edited by Dan Gediman.

Edward R. Murrow’s This I Believe