by Geoffrey Redick, producer

Alex de Campi is one of those people whose creativity and drive are both inspiring and shame inducing. Instead of frittering away an evening watching sports or CSI, as I might, de Campi comes home after a long day at the office and goes back to work. She’s an independent filmmaker, and creates a lot of music videos. But she’s on the show today for her innovative ideas about comics and digital publishing. De Campi is the author of “Valentine,” a serial graphic novel that you can read on your iPhone or your Kindle. In addition to writing the series, she does the lettering, the computer coding, and the marketing, among other things. A new episode of “Valentine” appears every month for 99 cents, and it’s worth every penny. The story moves quickly, and the twists are intriguing. The art is fabulous and looks really great on the screen. I’m a sometime-fan of comics and graphic novels, but even if you’ve never read one before, “Valentine” is a great way to get started.

Click here to get episodes.

And check out de Campi’s film work here.