Happy Father's Day Weekend!

by Chad Campbell, senior producer

At the last minute, we decided to sneak in a segment appropriate for this weekend. We’ve had Bobby Bare Sr. on as a guest. And we’ve had Bobby Bare Jr. on this show too. We even spliced them together for a past Father’s Day show, but this time they were actually together, sitting next to each other in a Nashville studio as they talked with Bob about a new CD they co-produced. It’s called Twistable Turnable Man and it’s a collection of songs written by Bobby Bare Sr.’s old friend Shel Silverstein. The album includes performances by My Morning Jacket, Kris Kristofferson, Todd Snider, Lucinda Williams, John Prine, Nanci Griffith as well as both generations of Bares. Above is a video of Bobby Sr. and a young Bobby Bare Jr. performing their Grammy-nominated version of Shel Silverstein’s song Daddy What If. On this new CD, Junior sings the grown up vocals while his own four-year-old daughter Isabella plays the role of adorable kid. Click here to listen to the new version of the song.

Bobby Bare Jr. also has his own full-length CD coming out at the end of August called A Storm - A Tree - My Mother’s Head. Click here to learn more. There will also be a documentary coming out soon about Junior. For more information on that project go to www.untitledbobbybarejrdocumentary.com.