Paul Thorn - Pimps and Preachers

by Chad Campbell, senior producer

Thorn in his friend’s chicken coop and a masked AngelWe get a fair amount of repeat guests on this show - people who have a new book, movie or CD out - and who Bob enjoyed talking with for their previous project. Paul Thorn was very entertaining a few years ago and I’m happy to say that he’s still got it. Thorn is the son of a Pentecostal Church of God preacher who grew up in Tupelo, Mississisippi and he has a way with words. Thorn was on to talk about his music, his upbringing, his professional boxing career and his CD Long Way from Tupelo. Well it turns out that Paul Thorn also has an uncle who had a big influence on him and who was a mysterious figure in the Thorn family. After Vietnam, the brother of the preacher spent a decade in San Francisco learning the ways of the street, even working as a pimp before returning home. The uncle connected with young Paul, teaching him about the wider world, training him to be a boxer, and helping him make the transition to adulthood. Thus the title of Paul Thorn’s new album, Pimps and Preachers.

He really is a man of many talents. Aside from being a musician, singer, songwriter, gifted storyteller and boxer (click here for details on his 10 win, 3 loss and 1 draw boxing career), Paul Thorn also draws and paints his own cover art. Here’s the cover of Pimps and Preachers, the intersection of Redemption Lane and Turn Out Blvd. with the pimp on the right and the preacher on the left. Paul drew himself as a little boy playing the tambourine headed toward the preacher, but looking back at the pimp. And as Bob noted, both are handling wads of cash.
Click here for details from Thorn’s biography, including great pictures and captions from “ancient history” and “the boxing days.”
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