Carla Saulter and This I Believe

essayist Carla Saulter (a.k.a. The Bus Chick) and her children Quincy and Rosa.Each week we’ll hear a new contemporary This I Believe essay - today from Carla Saulter. For years, she enjoyed having a car, but as her Seattle commutes got longer, Saulter grew uneasy with how her personal habit was affecting the environment. Now car-free, Saulter believes she and her family are better off walking or taking the bus. Long known as “The Bus Chick,” Saulter blogs about transit riding for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer website. She also serves on King County’s Transit Advisory Committee and Regional Transit Task Force. Saulter, her husband and two children still enjoy life without a personal vehicle. Click here to read a transcript and to listen to the audio of her “This I Believe” essay.

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