Sweet Honey in the Rock

Grammy award-winning vocal group Sweet Honey in the Rock stopped by our performance studio in Washington DC to share with Bob a few songs from their latest show, a tribute to Nina Simone, Odetta, and Miriam Makeba.  Pairing the music of these three vocal icons of the 20th century with the power-house vocalists of Sweet Honey seems so natural, it’s amazing they haven’t done it earlier.   And it’s not just music that these women have in common: like their inspirations, the singers of Sweet Honey in the Rock are also activists who use their music as a tool for social reform.  Check out their video Are We a Nation? here and learn more about their project here.

Sweet Honey in the Rock members are: Aisha Kahlil, Carol Maillard, Louise Robinson, Nitanju Casel, Shirley Saxton, and Ysaye Barnwell.  

Here are Sweet Honey in the Rock’s current tour dates:

10/22/2011 Washington DC

10/23/2011 Black Mountain, NC

11/04/2011 New York, NY

11/05/2011 Towson, MD

11/06/2011 Union, NJ