The Magic of William Joyce

An illustration from William Joyce’s “The Man in the Moon”- Cristy Meiners, producer

I have wanted Bob to interview illustrator, writer, and filmmaker William Joyce ever since I started producing here over four years ago.  I discovered Bill’s work through my best friend, who often leads me to things that I then rudely claim all as my own (the way we often do when something feels like it should belong only to us).  When I read A Day with Wilbur Robinson, I was most delighted with Bill’s effortless approach to whimsy and the ridiculous.  He didn’t need to explain why the uncle was from outer space or why there were dinosaurs in the swimming pool: they just were.  A year or so ago, I decided to it was time to track him down for an interview, only to discover that Bill’s daughter had just died suddenly and tragically.  I couldn’t imagine asking anyone to do an interview at such a time, and figured that if we ever did this, the opportunity would have to find me.  Thankfully, it did, and we had Bill in our studio earlier this month.  His new series, The Guardians of Childhood, is so natural and in some ways so obvious that a shocked Bob asked Bill during the interview, “How is it that no one has ever done this?” We are grateful that they haven’t, because no one else could have come up with the tender and lovely The Man in the Moon or that daring rogue Nicholas St. North, and of course his story, The Battle of the Nightmare King.