Lyle Lovett

by Chad Campbell, senior producer

I missed Lyle Lovett when he came through town recently on tour with his friend and fellow musician John Hiatt. I even missed Lyle’s appearance in our own studio, but luckily Bob did not. He got Lovett to talk about his love of horses, his Texas roots, his genealogy, his acting career, the future of the music business and of course his own music. Lovett’s latest CD is called Natural Forces.

Here is a link to the work of Lovett’s friend Turk Pipkin.

And a link to his Nobelity documentary.

Here is the photo by Martin Schoeller mentioned in the interview, an image now part of the collection at The National Portrait Gallery.


And here is the Lyle Lovett music video directed by Schoeller. (it begins after a short advertisement.)