Marianne Rogowski and This I Believe

essayist Marianne RogowskiEach week, we’ll hear a new This I Believe essay - this week by Marianne Rogowski, whose mother had the habit of always leaving the kitchen light on, day and night, as a beacon of safety and comfort for her children. Rogowski carries on that tradition because she wants her two children to know they will always have a home where they will be embraced and accepted with unconditional love.  Rogowski believes it’s important that children are offered that refuge. Rogowski lives in Huntersville, North Carolina, where she teaches language arts to sixth graders. In her free time, she cheers her kids on in sports, runs with her dog, Diesel, and is co-owner of two small businesses. The youngest of six children, Rogowski credits her loving family for fostering her belief in herself.

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