Ahmed Ahmed and Just Like Us

by Chad Campbell, senior producer

Egyptian-American actor and comedian Ahmed Ahmed is really more American than Egyptian. His parents emigrated to the United States when he was just a month old. While Ahmed has built his career and reputation here, he retains lots of credibility throughout the Middle East. He has appeared in many popular American television series (like JAG and Roseanne) and had small roles in movies such as Swingers, Executive Decision and Iron Man. He’s also enjoyed success as a touring stand up comedian. Many of his shows recently have been in countries that most comedians would never even consider visiting. In 2009, Ahmed assembled a roster of internationally diverse comedians and brought a film crew along on a tour with stops in Dubai, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The result is his directorial debut— part comedy concert, part Middle Eastern travelogue, part educational film — called Just Like Us.

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